James Dutton

James Dutton

Company: University of Minnesota

Job title: Associate Professor, Stem Cell Institute


Accelerating the Manufacture of Neural Cell Types from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells 9:10 am

Improving the control of neural induction and patterning increases the speed and reproducibility of iPSC-neuron manufacture Implications of accelerated iPSC-neuron differentiation for product manufacture Application of automation to stem cell derived neuron productionRead more

day: Day Two

Incorporating Automation and Next Generation Analytics to implement QbD and PAT in iPSC Manufacturing 1:00 pm

iPSC manufacturing consists of many repetitive procedures leading to turnaround times lasting months and high costs from vast quantities of materials as well as skilled expertise. Novel technologies are coming on the scene to reinvent iPSC manufacturing processes to cut down human error and product variability whilst slashing costs and turnaround time.  Using automation and…Read more

day: Workshop B

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