Roundtable Discussion: Collaborating to Boost Analytics within iPSC Manufacturing to Optimize Sampling, Cell Characterization and Prevent Cell Instability

Time: 1:30 pm
day: Day 2 PM


  • Bespoke iPSC analytics versus ‘hand-me-down’ analytics repurposed
  • Knowing the limitations of current analytics and importance of orthogonal testing. Familiarity of analytics to the Regulator
  • Discussing indicators of cell potency to ensure generation and selection of the most effective iPS cells: indication specificity
  • Exploring methods to expand the cell marker repertoire to enhance cell characterization
  • Considering approaches to determine genetic instability to improve cell safety and characterization
  • Reviewing methods to minimize sampling intervention to prevent cell damage and loss
  • How can we utilize automation and AI to reduce the need for sampling intervention?