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The 2nd iPSC Manufacturing Summit presents a unique opportunity to unite with technical leads to discuss all things iPSC process development! From starting material quality through to optimizing scalability and improving safety of gene engineering and differentiation protocols, join this meeting to position yourself at the forefront of iPSC manufacturing breakthroughs. 

Designed in collaboration with Century Therapeutics, Bluerock Therapeutics and Bristol Myers Squibb, don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize iPSC manufacturing and help drug developers overcome the technical bottlenecks addressed exclusively at this dedicated forum. 

Previous Partners

Experts Need Your Help With:

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Confident characterization of their products through reliable analytics to ensure high quality products 

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Good quality iPSC clones that meet GMP expectations- to accelerate their product to the clinic

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Novel technologies to increase efficiency of gene editing and reprogramming of iPSCs whilst ensuring safety 

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Reliable scale-up processes to produce high yields whilst maintaining product integrity

Why Partner?

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Identify industry needs which your services can fulfil to increase brand awareness and accelerate iPSC-derived therapies to the clinic 

Build long-standing partnerships with companies at the forefront of iPSC product development to establish reliable future collaborations 

Demonstrate the value of your services to key iPSC decision makers ensure your company is the go-to provider for all things manufacturing 

Reaffirm your understanding of the biggest bottlenecks in iPSC manufacturing to expedite business endeavours and market reach 

Who Will You Meet?

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