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Turbocharging the Development of Scalable & Reproducible iPSC-Derived Therapies

iPSC Manufacturing Summit – What’s New for 2023

With investment into iPSC derived products continuing to grow, optimizing manufacturing processes is hotter than before.  

Reuniting industry experts to delve into the challenges preventing the development of highly reproducible, scalable iPSC therapies. Join us for the 2nd year to discuss clone sourcing and donor selection; feeder free bioreactors; characterization approaches including innovation in analytics; tracing off-target mutations and exploring the role of automation.   

Hear from 25+ technical leaders at the forefront of iPSC manufacturing on our expert speaker faculty. This year don’t miss our 3 deep-dive workshops on regulatory requirements with international regulatory agents, a data-driven case study on clinical implantation of iPSC-derived product and the opportunity to kickstart the production of a whitepaper. 

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Join Allogene, Takeda and BMS in utilizing single-cell omic data to improve donor selection and debating the barriers to scalability 

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Discuss characterization approaches for assessing cell quality with Century Therapeutics and NIST and delve into gene editing and identifying impurities with Heartseed Inc, Sana Biotechnology, Bayer and Vita Therapeutics

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Explore automation and logistical barriers to reaching the clinic with Aspen Neuroscience and BlueRock Therapeutics 


Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss all things iPSC manufacturing and revolutionize your process development! 

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Understand universal regulatory requirements of manufacturing processes from starting material quality through to commercialization requirements to enhance clinical application of iPSC-derived products with MHRA and ex-FDA regulators 

Delve into differentiation and genome editing to minimize impurities and mutations to increase product safety with Heartseed, Vita Therapeutics, Neukio Biotherapeutics and Bayer 

Optimize imaging, genomic sequencing and other novel analytical tools to better characterize iPS cell lines and improve product quality with NIST, Century Therapeutics & Inteligex 

Discuss GMP expectations of iPSC clones to facilitate the writing of a white paper dedicated to benchmarking best practices to ensure consistency in early stages of iPSC manufacturing with Century Therapeutics & GSK  

Streamline scaleup processes and transition seamlessly to 3D media by assessing novel platforms with HebeCell, Takeda, BMS & Cedars-Sinai Biomanufacturing Center 

Who Will You Meet?

This meeting unites the top decision makers in iPSC process development. Bringing together technical experts from biotech and pharma as well as key academics, trailblazing early iPSC process developments. Expect to see the leading service providers in stem cell manufacturing. 

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'iPSC Manufacturing Summit was a huge success filled with scientific and technological rigor, great collaborative spirit, excellent expertise in analytical and regulatory areas and inspirational vision for iPSC-derived cell therapy!' CSO, Apen Neuroscience 


'Fantastic opportunity to discuss the challenges facing the field in how to scale up iPSC manufacture and the importance of developing robust assays to characterize both the starting iPSCs and their differentiated therapeutic cell types.' Lead Scientist, CCRM 


'The best meeting to create network and to share the knowledge in iPSC CMC area.' – Chief Medical Officer, Heartseed Inc 


'This meeting gives me the opportunity to learn from as well as network and collaborate with other industry experts in the area of iPSC manufacturing'Chief Technology Officer, Aspen Neuroscience 


'The opportunity to engage with industry leaders will allow to me foster critical professional relationships, deepen my understanding of the realities of translating cell therapies, and position me to contribute to the emergence of pancreatic cell therapies.'Scientist, Mayo Clinic