Enhance Quality & De-Risk Safety Concerns with Advanced Differentiation & Gene Engineering Processes, to Confidently Manufacture Highly Scalable & Reproducible iPSC Therapies

May 2 - 4, 2023 | Boston, MA

Welcome to the 2nd iPSC Manufacturing Summit

Turbocharging the Development of Scalable & Reproducible iPSC-Derived Therapies

Top Reasons to Attend:

  • Network with the top minds working to streamline iPSC manufacturing 
  • Revolutionize your scale up process with technical experts from BlueRock Therapeutics, Century Therapeutics & BMS  
  • Dive into logistical and supply chain issues and automation with operational leaders 

With Century Therapeutics, Heartseed Inc & Novo Nordisk recently dosing their first patients, the future of iPSC derived therapies for regenerative and oncology indications is brighter than ever. The race to streamline process development is on, join 80+ experts from BlueRock Therapeutics, Shoreline Biosciences and Bristol Myers Squibb to accelerate your iPSC manufacturing process. 

Join the  2nd iPSC Manufacturing Summit, the flagship forum for technical leaders within manufacturing, process development, quality and regulations. Showcasing in-depth data-driven case studies to cut your manufacturing timelines in half with optimized differentiation, automated scale up and tried & tested logistical strategies.   

This industry-focussed meeting boasts the unique opportunity to discuss the procedural barriers preventing iPSC-derived therapies reaching the clinic, tackling all your CMC and regulatory needs. Collaborate with Century Therapeutics, Aspen Neuroscience and Allogene to take home creative approaches to unify your manufacturing process and advance the quality and quantity of your product for successful commercialization.  

A Snapshot of the Speaking Faculty

Previously Attending Comapanies Include:

'The iPSC Manufacturing Summit is a great opportunity to share insights within the allogeneic cell therapy field and facilitate the development of novel treatments for patients’ – Senior Engineer, Century Therapeutics

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