Optimize Differentiation, Quality Control & Gene Engineering to Effectively Mass Produce Consistent & Robust iPSCs to Provide Readily Available Therapies to Patients

Returning 2023

Welcome to the iPSC Manufacturing Summit

Join us in Boston for the iPSC Manufacturing Summit, the only forum dedicated to optimizing the scalable manufacture of high-quality and consistent iPSCs. 

Capture the unmatched potential of these versatile stem cells in regenerative medicine and cell therapy by advancing scale-up, differentiation and quality to reduce variability and ensure stable and robust cell lines. 

Gain valuable insights from industry experts, through exclusive talks and discussions, into approaches to transform your manufacturing processes by exploring technology innovations, leveraging automation and AI, evolving analytics and advancing cryopreservation.

Turbocharge the Manufacture of your iPSC-Derived Treatment

Join industry experts from Heartseed Inc., Fate Therapeutics and Century Therapeutics as they share methods to enhance production of iPSCs and iPSC products. 

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Reinvent scalable cell culture to prepare for clinical development 

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Improve differentiation protocol to establish transferrable and robust methods of producing your chosen cell line 

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Establish effective gene editing techniques to produce stable and safe engineered iPSCs

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Explore approaches to increase differentiation efficiency to increase iPSC quality and performance 

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Rethink analytical practices to enhance cell characterization and reduce product variability 

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